Table based summary view in DSpace

Τo see what you will end up with, have a look here. Our goal is to create a table-based view, similar to the detail view for an item in Mirage theme (dspace 1.7.0). Having any presented element aligned allows for easier browsing of the presented data. We need to edit item-view.xsl we ended up with at Flash streaming in Dspace. Our end result will be a table view, followed by a “more” link and a video player (if one should be loaded). Start by recognizing what needs to be altered. The necessary changes need to happen in two templates. The first template is […]

Flash streaming in DSpace

Streaming video in dspace might seem like a daunting task, but if you spend some time researching your options, it might not be as difficult as it sounds.Our goal is to have a working flash video player in a record’s summary-view (XML UI – Mirage theme 1.7.0).  The ingredients we will be using in today’s recipe are: OpenSuse 12.1 as our server OS Lighttpd and its flv module FLV-Scrubber yamdi DSpace This tutorial assumes that the flash “streaming” server is on a different box than DSpace. Do note that this tutorial does not describe RTMP streaming, as that requires a […]